I have always loved filming and knew from University I needed to make a career out of it. I started professionally filming in 1999 - however, I always had a camera on me from a very young age!

Yes, absolutely. I am a firm believer that films capture the moment the way nothing else can. I have filmed many charity projects, parties, graduations, school events, the list goes on. So, please do get in touch if you would like to discuss filming.

We are constantly told that our films really capture the happy event as such a beautiful story. If you watch anything we have filmed you will see that it is full of lovely natural moments filmed in a cinematic way. Laughter and happiness are so important when looking back at precious memories.

Every wedding is different and that is why we love what we do. We were chosen to film the celebrity wedding of The Inbetweeners star - James Buckley and his beautiful bride. We have filmed weddings with royalty as guests, we have filmed family and friends and we have filmed couples who choose to arrive on a zip-wire or leave from a boat on their lake. Our absolute favourite wedding is when we film friends' and family weddings of previous couples - who have very kindly recommended to us.

We have two very experienced film-makers filming around 10 hours on your special day. We use three cameras and separate sound equipment, so the final product is the result of hours of dedication - to make the sound work, the camera angles tell the story and the colours look beautiful. While editing I devote a great deal of time looking for the smiles, the happy moments, the funny moments which piece together the wonderful day and it goes without saying we also use the best equipment. I don’t film weddings every weekend as I need to spend time on each individual couple’s film. If I filmed every weekend it would cut the quality and edit time; something I would never contemplate doing. I genuinely believe Bowery Productions offers you a great investment for a unique luxury wedding film.

No. After our own wedding, we know how fast the day goes. I think it is extremely important to capture the day as it happens. Not only does it look natural and not staged, but it is also actually where you represent the happiness of the day. If you set things up - you miss the moments.

No. We have the best of equipment, but we don’t use lots of equipment - we could but I am passionate about capturing the real moments in a cinematic way. If you have lots of equipment, too much time is spent setting up and the moment is missed. It also gets in the way and we prefer to be in the background. We are often told that guests don’t notice us and they can’t believe the footage we have managed to capture.

Viewing the final films from different perspectives and angles is the absolute best way to encounter the day over and over again. If we are only filming with one operator special moments are obviously missed. We also get the chance to film the service and speeches from different angles, so you can see reactions as well as the main event. Finally, it means we don’t get in the way as we don’t need to leave things unattended.

For your highlights I will pick and pay for the licence to enable you to share it with friends and family. For your USB films, I pay a PPL music licence, enabling you to make your own choice of music or allowing me to choose if you would prefer.

At last USBs are taking over. For years it has broken my heart to film cinematically in HD to then have it all compressed and made into a DVD. I love that I can hand over the finished, personally designed, USB stick in a beautiful USB box and each couple can make as many copies as they would like. DVDs are known to get scratched and stop working - with your USB you can save lots of copies everywhere. If it is essential for you to have DVDs, I can do it for you, but really I would suggest not wasting your money.

On the USB it depends on which filming package you have chosen. The minimum you will receive is service (in full) speeches (in full) first dance (in full) a 15/20 minute long montage and a short highlights.

Absolutely, we dress like guests and like to blend in. We don’t believe in using a lot of equipment and we don’t believe in staging things. We work together on your wedding day like a pair of Ninjas (as one lovely couple described us!)

I ask for a £200 deposit to secure your date. Please just get in touch and we can chat further.