I am so sorry for my lack of blogs. 2018 consisted of a house move and my busiest year yet! All very enjoyable, but certain things got left behind - like blogging!

I will try to add more weddings and stories to share with you in 2019.

Happy 2019 (PS I am aware that it is now February haha)

Jo X

It is nearly 6 years since I first started putting together Bowery Productions and what a fantastic 6 years it has been. Having the opportunity to film with loads of lovely couples and also filming such interesting corporates, has been amazing - I can't believe how busy it has been.  I decided to celebrate by launching a new website.  I hope you all enjoy looking through it and seeing some of the weddings we have been so lucky to have filmed.

Jo xx

We filmed a beautiful wedding at Oran Mor recently. Check it out.

We loved filming a Kinkell Byre in St Andrews, where has the year gone. If you want to take a look check out the lil below xx


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